Undercover surveillance

Surveillance or Physical observation is one of the most imperative part of Physical investigation. Surveillance puts individual before you like a open book to know genuine truth about a person.

Wondering whether your partner or spouse is really working late hours?  Or if you think your partner is cheating? Whatever your reason, you can rely on our Spy surveillance specialists to get the accurate information you need. Our investigators have handled a broad range of surveillance requests. Private investigations conducted with the highest level of expertise. We gather valuable evidence and help our clients to find out the solutions they need.

Our team at Spy Detectives discreetly monitors the activities of an individual and keeps track the activities, which involve the places he visit, people met, and observing the actions and communications of a person. We gather proofs at distinctive times and provide you video footages. Whether you want to know if your spouse or girlfriend is cheating or want to find out if someone is involved in criminal activity, we can help

How we work:

Whether we need to dine alongside the subject, follow them to work and back, work out with them at the gym, we don’t hesitate to do so. We’ve been in the sector for decades and know exactly how to track the subject’s daily activities without their knowledge. What’s more is that we make the most of some of the sophisticated technology to record incidents and activities even if they take place in the dark.

With Spy Detectives, cheating spouses, criminals and fraudsters don’t stand a chance. We work quickly and efficiently so you can get your information on time. We also educate ourselves on the latest surveillance technologies. With our successful approach and technical expertise, you’ll have your answers fast.

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