Trace a Person / Property

Spy Detectives Agency offers a professional people-tracing service to help find an person/individual should they become difficult to locate. If you are trying to locate absconding persons, beneficiaries/debtors, missing friends and or family members, Spy Detectives Agency has the solution! Our professional Tracing team with10 years’ experience in the trace field. We are highly skilled in a wide range of trace techniques. Our team will use the most latest techniques/gadgets and can quickly trace the exact person you’re looking for. 

Missing persons: According to The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report which was cited by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in the Parliament, more than one lakh children (1,11,569 in actual numbers) were reported to have gone missing till 2016, and 55,625 of them remained untraced till the end of the year. Generally, a missing person refers to someone who has disappeared quickly or suspiciously and whose whereabouts and fate are unknown by those closest to them as well as law enforcement.

Persons who are hiding or avoiding discovery: This may include individuals who are disappearance from obligations (family, financial, legal), suffer from psychological problems, or simply prefer to disconnect from family and friends. Many times it’s a runaway child. Clients often seek out information on individuals in this group to recoup a financial or legal loss, but also may simply be concerned with an individual’s physical or mental well being.

General locate. Often Detective agencies are asked to find someone important to the client for whatever reason. This may include a distant relative, former neighbor or work colleague, old high school friend, or birth parent or child.  

For surveillance. Sometimes a client just wants to know where someone is going, or where they’re spending their time.

Spy Detectives Agency utilizes databases.  We also use our network of agents worldwide, to help in tracing people, find a person, trace a debtor that you are interested in. We also use such methods as social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc). 

Typical people tracing requests:

  • Locate Birth Child or Birth Parent
  • Find the contact information, addresses, and real time location of any one
  • Debtor absconding
  • Missing witnesses
  • Searching for family members
  • Adoption – locating biological parent
  • Locating self-employed business people
  • Locating Directors or shareholders

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