Social media Scams & fraud

Spy Detective offers expert dating background check investigations for individuals. With experienced team of professional investigators, we verify relationships begun in person, over the social media apps/Internet or via online dating.  Our cyber background checks and investigations keep you safe.  Verifying individuals properly requires the skills and resources of trained agents

If you are dating someone and feels that this person may not be who he or she claims to be, you may be right.  Don not ignore.  For your safety, our expert private cyber investigators can verify the subject's identity, and background. In online relationships the risk of cheating/fraud is higher.  To minimize your risk, verify any new contact with an background check agent. No dating or social media website is immune from fraud.  Spy Detective protects its clients from dangerous relationships, criminals and Internet fraud & dating scams.  Verify, and decide your future.

Have you me someone new in person or via the Internet?

Love/Romance scams are now one of the fastly spreading frauds in India.  This type of fraud is increasingly complex and difficult to detect.  To avoid being a victim, new relationships should be verified by a professional Spy investigator. Is your new partner who he or she claims to be?   Do you think he or she may be married, and having criminal background, or have lied about their past?  Our expert investigators provide you with clear evidence to keep you safe.

Concerned about infidelity, fake profiles or a criminal past?

Spy Detectives go much further than simply checking criminal and court records.  Our background checks are technical and complete, and we also verify address, identity, passport, family background, education, employment & marriage records, and much more.  We also offer surveillance services for infidelity cases.  Our agents and highly trained investigators

Don’t be a victim of fraud or dating scam.  Get the facts with a real investigation.

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