Bodyguard Services

Spy Detectives offers complete security services for the workplace, Home and travelling. In our Security operations, we maintain a balance between, behind the scenes operations and the necessary covert procedures. Spy Detectives provides uniformed and plain clothed agents. All our agents are well trained as law enforcement officers with years of experience in security operations. Services provided by Spy Detectives and its representatives are duly licensed.

Security Services

Bodyguard services: Encompasses many facets of Security work in the private sector, including but not limited to the following:

Workplace Violence: This has become a real concern in today’s workplace. Jilted lovers, disgruntled employees Estrange spouses etc., can quickly become an employer’s worst nightmare. By engaging us to help mitigate these situations.

Executive protection: In the course of fulfilling the duties of being the Person in charge becomes the focus of an employee who feels mistreated, a criminal with a ransom in mind, or any number of other possible scenarios. Spy Detective can help with agents at the workplace and at the protectee’s home 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We conduct surveillance of the suspect, while simultaneously working with law enforcement.

Personal threats: Sometimes no matter how you lead through life, sometimes enemies happen. When these situations ,relationships get out of hand you may need a professional guard to get you through these tough times. We can help with physical security.

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