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What does a pre-matrimonial enquiry covers?

Date:Feb 05, 2021 By Admin

A pre-matrimonial enquiry will cover the type of information that the spouse-to-be wants to find out. The suspicious spouse might want to know about some alleged affair or a health condition, the detective agency will work accordingly to find the truth. Sometimes, it is all about finding out whether the future groom/bride is hiding something or valuable assets. Divorces are not very uncommon today largely because a huge number of couples are meeting their soul mates online and are not conducting proper enquiry before taking the big step.

What enquiry will cover?

Are you feeling suspicious about your would-be spouse? Perhaps if you think deep down, he has not shared his personal details with you. He is not introducing you to his family or friends. There could be innumerable reasons not to trust an individual completely. A pre-matrimonial enquiry comes to your rescue in helping you find the following details.

Background checks form an integral part of such an enquiry. These would cover:

Family background

All the details pertaining to the family members, their general behaviour, social reputation, occupation, etc., will be found out via a discreet investigation. For instance, investigators visit the suspected home under the cover of renting the property or conducting a survey. Once there, the prospective mother-in-law is observed on her behaviour and assessed whether she is dominating or a friendly nature.

Health status

After all, health is wealth. So, the bride or groom’s health status is investigated to find out whether or not he/she suffers from some major disorder. Once you marry a person, if you find out about some health problem, then it can be heart-breaking. Therefore, it is better to learn in advance.

Social status

The social reputation of a person among his social circle is investigated in a discreet manner. This is done not by getting in touch with friends or relatives, but in a way that helps dig out the reality.

Educational background

Education qualification is verified as it is not uncommon to lie about the degrees one possess.

Criminal background

It is important to check whether the person in question has a criminal record or not.