Questions you always wanted to ask a Private Investigator!

What all information is required to be given to start the case?

We would need subject's name, address & photo; at-least. Further details such as vehicle number, contact number, email id, employment address, Face book profile, etc would be useful. In case, if the address is not available, we can get the same, provided you have some basic input. Further, we request you to put any additional info / notes / background on the case which may come handy to us while investigating.

How do you go about this? Do you make inquiries from others?

We cannot reveal the exact modus-operandi but it is a mix of various modus- operandi such as surveillance, observation, discreet inquiries, social media analysis, use of spy gadgets, etc. But we do not make inquiries from subject's friends, relatives or neighbors as their opinion may be prejudice and the subject would know that someone is enquiring about him / her.

Is it necessary to disclose my identity?

We entirely respect your need of being anonymous. In-fact, with most of the clients communication takes place through email and phone. Alternatively, you can assign yourself a different name to hide your identity. In any case, you are in the safe hands when you are dealing with VIS.

Would subject come to know that I have hired you?

Absolutely not. Maintaining confidentiality is of paramount importance in our line of profession. We realize this and ensure that no one is aware of our investigation by adopting full proof tested modus operandi.

How do you maintain confidentiality of the client?

Spy Detective agency maintains 100% confidentiality. Since our field investigators do not have the credentials of our clients, even in the worst scenario company will take the responsibility.

What is the cost of the investigation?

Spy Detective agency treats every case as unique the prices vary from case to case. Though we try to keep it as nominal as possible.

How much time is required for each case?

Spy Detective agency treats every case differently so there is no estimated time but we try to do it in 1-2 weeks. In case of the additional time period required company do not charge the customers.

How do I receive my report?

Spy Detective agency has multiple ways to provide output to the client depending on the type of evidence obtained and the convenience of the customer. It could be through emails, personal meetings; the customer can visit the office, through phone or any other medium as specified by the client.

How do I Pay?

Spy Detective agency provides multiple payment options like credit card, debit card, net banking Google pay, Paytm or cash.