Our Story

Licensed, experienced private investigators at your service

Out Story

We are an agency born out of passion to reveal truths. We uncover the facts so you can make the right choices in crucial moments. When we help you uncover the real facts, you are elevated to a position to make the better decisions.

With over 23 years of experience, we are well equipped to handle variety of investigations like Domestic/infidelity, Surveillance, tracing persons/property, civil, and fraud cases are our specialties.  We are founded around the concept of providing professional, discreet, and ethical investigative services.  Whether you are a private individual, company, or an attorney, your goal is our goal.

All our agents are highly skilled ex-military personnel with countless years of military experience to aid them in all investigations they conduct.

The quality and standard of our customer service are of the upmost importance to our organization and this is maintained across all our offices throughout India. Spy Detectives Agency has a vast experience of conducting undercover investigations with a large number of issues from marital infidelity cases to a commercial breach of contract covert operations.

How We Operate

Every operation we conduct is summarized in a detailed report which will include a multitude of quality media, ranging from still shots to covert high definition footage which is presented both professionally and accurately. We use a proven reporting structure that ensures that evidential information which we deliver electronically direct to the client within 48 hours of the task being completed, we will provide a hard copy if required. Furthermore, all footage captured by our highly trained detective agents will be supplied to the client with time and date. As a Global organization, Our simple pricing structure clearly reflects service fee that you know exactly what you will be paying. There will be no hidden costs. All evidence gathered on your behalf is done so legally.

Whenever you instruct us to conduct any operations on your behalf you can be assured that we will operate with the utmost professionalism and within the law of India. All our operatives are vetted and adhere to our strict policies. All assignments are carried out within the boundaries of India law