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Welcome To Spy Detectives :

Spy Detective agency, the Professional agency that delivers results and keep you in the picture every step of the way. We are a truly global detective agency with a worldwide service area with over 20 years of experience. We have 100+ branches in India and 50+ Offices overseas to serve our clients. Spy Detectives agency has an excellent track record of successfully investigating and solving cases, both at personal and corporate level.

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Our Mission :

Our ultimate mission is to provide you with :

  • Irrefutable evidence
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Total professionalism
  • Absolute flexibility
  • 100% reliability
  • Pease of mind
  • A service which is cost effective to you

Our Story :

We are an agency born out of passion to reveal truths. We uncover the facts so you can make the right choices in crucial moments. When we help you uncover the real facts, you are elevated to a position to make the better decisions.

We Are Uniquely Different :

Unlike other private investigators in India, your case matters to us and will not be treated as just a number. We know that every case is unique and vital to every client. We listen intensely to your story and strategize closely with you to help you achieve the best desired outcome.

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We don’t see a job as just a number. We know that every case means the world to you and we listen to your concerns attentively as every case is different and unique.


We value your trust and we believe upholding confidentiality is a given. Our mutual trust is a pre-requisite before we even take on your case.


With our combined military & police background, coupled with human behavourial & psychological analysis, you can be assured every task is well strategised before execution.


We take pride in what we do and perform all our tasks professionally. We respect the situations that our clients go through and act only in your best interest to achieve the best outcome.

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: 07013737773

Why to choose Professional Detective Agency

Today life is much tensed because the people are battling with relationship and business discrepancy. We don’t know what to do in a critical situation. At that time it is very problematic to search out the real reasons. Our mind becomes confused and stressful because we don’t get right direction to handle the situation. The role of Professional Detective Agency in Hyderabad becomes crucial at that time. Whether you are facing matrimonial issue, divorce case trauma, child custody case, employee theft, due diligence, trademark and copyright infringement, you need the right guidance to tackle with this situation. Always prefer professional Hyderabad Detectives for your investigation process. Now we should know that why there is a need of hiring professional detectives so we will discuss the reasons

Credibility: Not only in detective sector but it is also recommended that the company which has the credibility in the market should be chosen for the assignment. And if you hire Detective agency in Hyderabad then you should check the credibility of the respective investigation agency.

Experience: Experience matters a lot when you are doing something very critical and difficult. When you investigation agency always choose experienced one because an experienced and proficient organization knows how to handle investigation process because they know the nuances of different assignments.

Authenticity: The detective organization must be certified with administration and government authority which means that if the agency follows law and instruction directed by government authority, it means that the organization is really genuine.

In short we should understand that if we hire genuine Private Detective Services then there will be no questioning of the ability of such investigation organization because they have well experienced staff which can handle any kind of project. There are multiple investigation services which are offered like matrimonial investigation, divorce case investigation, child custody investigation, due diligence, surveillance investigation, background check investigation etc. And a professional and experienced investigation agency would definitely provide multiple investigation services in its premises.

How to Find the Trustworthy Detective Services

You might not believe but the limitations and presence of detective services in our daily life has increased as compare to past decades. Have you ever thought that why we need detective services? And what will we get if we have somehow taken the Private investigation services? Well the answer to these questions you need to analyse your life as well your surroundings and you will find that there is so much anxiety and uncertainty. To clear doubts in your mind it is very important to take step to prevent these thoughts which makes you confused. Whether you have doubt in your relationship or you are suspecting anything wrong happening in your organization, it becomes necessary to hire a Best Detective agency in Hyderabad which can work for you and reveal the factual information about suspect and target assignment.

There are plenty of Investigation agencies in hyderabad but to find a genuine detective agency is not simple task. We need to take care a lot to choose an Private investigation agency because the question is about personal and professional life. Nowadays internet has become the biggest medium to find an appropriate Private Detective Agency in Hyderabad which covers all kind of detective services that comes under the professional and personal investigation services. Well it is suggested that one should prefer the detective agency which apply latest gadgets and technology in their investigation process. The agency should be capable to meet the needs of the clients in a structured way. Dedicated Private Detectives should be appointed for task because they have the zeal to do serious work.

You should also get feedback and recommendation of your relatives and friends so that it can help you to choose the right contender is investigation agency. On the internet you can explore the websites of the detective agency and check the facilities and services which they are providing to clients. You should check that which agency has got the high ranking in search engine. Read the testimonials and review of existing clients of these agencies that will give you the proper idea about the track record of investigation agency. You should also check whether agencies have the license and certificate to perform the investigation process, it should be licensed by Government authorities. It will be ideal of you ask about their experience and qualification in this private detective services in Hyderabad. The employee and staff must be proficient and qualified enough to perform the task easily. If you choose the agency which has the vast experienced and qualified crew and staff then the possibility of positive results naturally increased.

At present the technology has been the essential part of any investigation organisation so one should prefer the agency which is tech savvy. The organisation that is using computerised research should be appointed because it can meet the requirements of clients as per the latest standards of modern sources of evidences such as photo and videography, microphone, audio recording etc. The agency which is using GPS tracker and surveillance investigation is considered as the most up to date agency. And these modern technologies help to solve case easily and timely.

The Importance of Private Detective Services in Hyderabad

Imagine that the relationship between you and your partner becomes disturbed there is something which is escaped from you then you must contract finest detective agency in Hyderabad. When you choose Detectives in Hyderabad they handle all the responsibility of your case. And in your professional life it is necessary to stay away from fake individuals. Assume you are a businessman and you are recruiting worker for your business then it is somewhat troublesome for you to distinguish that the data which is given to you is genuine or not and private investigation group effectively locate the precise data. After they get the genuine details and data from the suspect they make reports on whole process and handover to you so that you can get the right use of it.

If you choose investigation agency for your corporate investigation the you will find that there are numerous Spy Detective agency services which are trademark and copyright infringement, business interference, employee theft, missing person verification, employee background check, due diligence, asset verification, post-employment verification, and employee background check etc. to make your trouble free from corporate tensions. The most important thing is to check the validation of investigation agency, it must have license to run its services. And when you appoint a reputed Private Detective Agency in Hyderabad the success rate of project completion is high. The reputation of an agency is always a priority because you cannot let anyone to disturb your life and when you have genuine agency you will feel relax because your project is on right hand.

Detective agents who are investigating various cases have deep experience and knowledge which is very necessary to handle any kind of case. They are aware of the difficulties of cases so they have strategies to tackle all kind of situation. It is not an easy task to investigate because it needs lots of research and hard work. There is also so many risks in the investigation process but these detective agents don’t show on their face. Once the responsibility has been on their shoulder they take every possible effort to get desire results of client. The matter of security should not be ignored and the investigation organisation takes care of your information. They kept all the information related to you in a confidential manner and never violate the contract guidelines. Hence we understand that how important is to hire a dependable and licensed investigation agency for your case